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Highgate Toastmasters is a warm and friendly club who meets twice per month to practice and learn public speaking.  At each meeting we listen to speeches by our members, participate in (optional!) impromptu speaking and learn new techniques from feedback.

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Public Speaking

When you become a member, you'll join a Toastmasters Pathway that guides you through learning material at your own pace.  Each assignment will focus you on a specific skill which you can practice at club meetings. Your fellow members will provide warm and friendly support to help you grow your skills, one step at a time.


As a club officer you can grow your leadership skills in a range of different roles from Secretary to President!  But it doesn't stop there, the more ambitious of us can ascend up the ranks of Toastmasters.


Sometimes we just need a gentle nudge from a guiding hand.  Our Toastmasters offers a comprehensive mentorship program to help guide you on your speaking journey.


Push yourself to the next level by participating in local and international speaking competitions with Toastmasters.  Your great speech starts at the club and can take you all the way to the international stage!

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